Product Spotlight: What’s New in PPE

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Product Spotlight: What’s New in PPE

All of the Trackman™ gloves featured in this month’s PPE Spotlight have met the ANSI Cut Level A4, Puncture Level 4, and Arc Flash 3+ (either Arc Flash 3 or Arc Flash 4) ratings. Because the gloves meet these specific standards, they can be used as electrical safety gloves, cut-resistant gloves and general utility gloves in different work environments. 

While all of these spotlighted gloves have been arc flash tested, they do not provide shock protection.

The Aramid blend fabric consists of a core spun yarn blend of Para Aramid and Polyester Fibers engineered with a glass filament core.

The featured glove in the above photo is the Trackman™ Goatskin Ground Glove with an Aramid blend cut-resistant liner. 

How the Trackman™ Gloves Help Improve Employee Safety

Other Gloves in this Trackman™ Series

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