Product Spotlight: What’s New in PPE?

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Product Spotlight: What’s New in PPE?

Product Spotlight: Norfab Fabric

Introducing the third new product in our Product Spotlight series: Norfab arc-rated fabric.

e-Hazard does not endorse any PPE manufacturer or product. We share information with all our clients so that potential buyers can make more informed decisions. 

About Norfab and Their Electric Arc Fabrics

Norfab, a member of the Davlyn Group, is a US-based company with a long history in developing high level electric arc fabric ensembles, targeting calorie ratings ranging from 40 to 100 cal and beyond

Norfab high arc-rated fabric ensembles are designed to be lightweight in their classification, with the 40 and 46 cal ensembles occupying the lightest in category distinction. 

The company currently supports multilayer fabric sales for NFPA 70E 2018 PPE Level 4 ensembles that include 40, 46, 66, and 100 cal rated fabric systems. Many of the systems share a unique woven outer fabric that is an intimate blend of Teijin Twaron®, Kynol®, and OPF fibers. The inner layer closest to the skin, in every case, is a quilted liner fabric composed of a smooth woven meta-aramid fabric quilted with highly engineered nonwoven fabrics designed to meet the calorie requirement of the ensemble.

Please visit their website for more fabric details and to see their other products.

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