e-Hazard Will Present at Safety Summit Reno

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e-Hazard Will Present at Safety Summit Reno

VPPPA Safety Conference, Reno, NV

George Cole will present a workshop at the Region IX VPPPA Safety Conference in Reno, NV. The conference will take place April 16-18, 2024.

His workshop is titled,Live-Dead-Live’ Testing – The Final Barrier Between Life and Death.” 

He will also co-present a 2nd workshop on electrical safety with Jeremy Presnal from HSF Sinclair.

If you are interested in attending this conference, click the button below.

Be sure to visit e-Hazard’s website for information on electrical safety training and services. 


The e-Hazard team is dedicated to ensuring people who work with electricity can go home safely to their families.. Read more about e-Hazard.

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  1. George Cole

    Met a bunch of great people from Region 9 which consists of AZ, NV, HI and CA who are passionate about improving safety at their workplaces. It was quite an honor for me to make three separate electrical safety presentations during conference and hopefully the attendees were able to bring some of the learnings back to their workplaces to help keep their co-workers from electrical hazards.

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