High Voltage Training Classes

Our High Voltage courses offer expert training for those who work with or manage employees in a high voltage environment above 600 V to 72.5 kV. Our HV course offerings cover the regulations and guidelines of high voltage work through expert instruction.

Based on NFPA 70E & OSHA

This one-day course is designed for those who work with or manage employees in a high voltage environment (above 600 V to 72.5 kV). Participants will learn the requirements to be HV qualified in accordance with OSHA 1910.269, NESC and NFPA 70E regulations and guidelines. In addition to High Voltage safety practices, attendees will discuss the various tasks performed in an HV environment.

Class Details

Other High Voltage Training Options

This class provides high voltage electrical safety refresher training based on OSHA 1910.269, NESC 2023, and NFPA 70E 2024. It keeps attendees up on the principles required for maintaining personal safety when working with or around 600v or higher.

This customized course is designed to meet the unique needs of maintenance technicians within specific company environments. Qualified instructors will provide electrical safety awareness training regarding the shock and arc flash hazards involved in repairing and maintaining equipment.

This course will address the requirements and regulations surrounding task qualified switch operation. Attendees will learn practical application from expert instructors with experience in the area of switch operation.

This one-day course provides practical information about safe electrical practices in accordance with Canadian CSA Z462 regulations. Students gain a clear understanding of the specific requirements of CSA Z462 as it applies to electrical tasks.

Train the Trainer provides a hands-on learning environment that allows key team members to learn the latest electrical safety training information and best practices for sharing it companywide. The course is based on safety requirements from NFPA 70E, OSHA, and/or NESC.


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