Electrical Measurement Safety Training

Based on NFPA 70E / OSHA

Class Overview

Our electrical measurement safety program is 4-hours long, conducted in a formal classroom setting, and is based on Fluke Multimeter training courses.

The practical exam involves setting up an electrically safe work condition on real equipment that is de-energized. An instructor will observe students performing the tasks required to set up the electrically safe work condition and will keep track of their activities as they work.

This class may be included with other classes or taken as a standalone class.

What You'll Learn

Attendees of our low voltage training class will learn the following information:

  • What electrical power can do to a DMM – and to YOU
  • Common safety hazards
  • Leading safety standards organizations
  • NFPA and IEC Safety standards
  • Arc flash
  • Meter safety inspection
  • Meter safety check list

Who Should Attend?

The following personnel should attend our multimeter application training class:

  • Electricians
  • Low voltage professionals
  • Machine operators
  • Facility maintenance technicians
  • Building maintenance personnel

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