Electrical Safety Program Compliance Strategies

ESP Compliance Strategies

Class Overview

e-Hazard is offering an engaging course to help you navigate compliance issues. Our instructors’ broad range of experience in implementing 70E for numerous customers will be relayed so that you can be the beneficiary of our expertise, bringing tried-and-true compliance strategies back to your company. We call it our ‘brain-trust download’ course.

Prerequisite: Knowledgeable on the NFPA 70E Standard.

What You'll Learn

  • Elements of a written electrical safety program
  • Auditing strategies (For our full audit protocols take the Audit Protocol Class)
  • 5 common mistakes in electrical safety that result in fines
  • Other insights from e-Hazard’s experience in implementing NFPA 70E for our customers

Who Should Attend?

Our Electrical Safety Program Compliance Strategies class is recommended for the following personnel:

  • Owners and managers
  • Safety directors
  • Electrical contractors
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors

Additional Information

  • Auditing strategies (For our full Audit Protocols take the Audit Protocol Class)
  • Two stock written electrical safety programs (ESP) compliant with NFPA 70E to use and customize for your company (Save hundreds of hours of work by starting with an effective template used by many companies in the US and Canada).
    • Simple ESP for a small facility with LV only
    • More complex ESP for larger facilities with HV
  • Energized Electrical Work Permit (EEWP) to customize for your company
  • Additional perspectives from our involvement in assisting our clients with NFPA 70E compliance

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