e-Hazard’s Podcast Plugged Into Safety

Hosted by Brian McCauley and Derek Vigstol of e-Hazard, these sessions will bring major value to anyone looking to better understand electrical safety compliance. Whether it is as simple as trying to figure out what electrical personal protective equipment is needed, or as challenging as meeting the latest OSHA requirements, both Brian and Derek make this simple to understand as well as implement. The topics discussed will be helpful to anyone, from experts in the field or those just starting out.

Each episode will tackle various electrical safety topics, so you are always guaranteed to walk away with something new. We focus on helping you keep your teams safe when it comes to electrical work as well as how to implement the best practices in electrical safety compliance.

Derek Vigstol is an Electrical Safety Consultant for e-Hazard.  He has been in the electrical industry since 2005 and is an expert on NFPA 70E.

Brian McCauley handles Sales & Marketing for e-Hazard and has been in the electrical industry since 2004.