Remote Training for Electrical Safety

e-Hazard provides remote electrical safety training options to ensure that your workers are up to date on the latest electrical safety standards.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Remote Training Options

These courses are live streamed. With this remote training option, students are able to interact with an electrical safety expert and with fellow students from around the country.

Live Streaming (for Corporations)

With this remote training option, companies are able to schedule a live streamed training exclusively for their employees.

Contact Us to Get Started

e-Hazard has developed an “Electrical Safety Hour” series that is accessible directly to you via online streaming. These courses are a great way to supplement electrical safety principles within your workplace.

Our low and high voltage courses have been adapted to a comprehensive DVD package that students can view at their own pace.

Meeting You Where You Are

Whether you need access to an electrical safety instructor remotely or in person at your facility, e-Hazard has you covered!