Tables and Tools - Utility Arc Flash Made Easy

Assess Arc Flash Hazards Using OSHA 1910.269 and Other Tools

Class Overview

The class provides practical instructions on the use of ARCPRO software and IEEE 1584 for efficiently calculating arc flash for utilities. It includes discussion of the latest OSHA 1910.269 standard and how to assure that estimates reflect as closely as possible the results of the testing on real utility equipment. e-Hazard instructor Marcia Eblen, P.E., will lead the course. She was a key researcher behind the NESC tables and industry equipment testing

What You'll Learn

Attendees of our Tables and Tools for Arc Flash Hazard Assessment class will learn the following:

  • OSHA Regulations (1910.269, 1926.950-969) Arc Flash Table use and the most effective methods to use when your system doesn’t fit the tables
  • Common mistakes when applying the tables or using software that can make your incident energy estimates higher
  • Common engineering assumptions and mistakes that third party engineers may include to make incident energy estimates extremely high (for their liability concerns) or extremely low (increasing your liability)
  • How to determine the best arc flash assessment method for different parts of your system and which software package will assist
  • How to simplify and triage through your utility system to determine your hazards more efficiently for the entire system

Who Should Attend?

The following professionals should attend this Tables and Tools training class:

  • Utility electrical engineers
  • Electrical engineering consultants
  • Utility safety personnel
  • RECC or IOU utility managers

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