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This class was the best High Voltage class that I have been to in 25 years of electrical work!
D Ramsey
I want to thank you all for such a pleasant experience, and share my success story. Once while in class there was a little issue with stage fright, but no more. I did my first training sessions on Monday for our affected / un-qualified employees, using several of the slides I brought back from your place. No notes, just the slides and lots of practice. Several people (including the two EHS engineers present) complimented me on my presentation. I could tell the audience was paying close attention, our GM said nobody picked up their cell phones the whole time.
Steven J R.
Train the Trainer Attendee
Border States Electric Supply in Phoenix, Arizona had been associated with e-Hazard for a number of years. We have hosted their NFPA-70E class at least twice a year at our facility over the last five years. The class brings in some of our existing customers but many new customers from various markets. The e-Hazard staff and trainers are very professional and we have received great responses from those attending. The material presented by e-Hazard is very pertinent to today’s requirements and our customer’s needs. I would definitely recommend the e-Hazard class to electrical contractors as well as facility maintenance personnel.
Jim McFadzen
Phoenix Branch Manager
Border States Electric Supply
Patty Stagno was an excellent instructor. She presented in a way that kept 35 grown men engaged for 8 hours, on a Saturday, learning about safety. A feat that is nothing short of magic. It was abundantly clear by her technical knowledge and detailed answers to questions that she is an expert in her field and was quickly able to earn the respect of my entire staff. She was well prepared, professional and very personable. Next time we have training, e-Hazard will be our first call.
Jeffrey A Duford, LEED AP
General Manager
Piquette & Howard Electric Service, Inc.
Now that we are done with class I wanted to let you [Hugh Hoagland] personally know that I was really amazed at the level of professionalism and knowledge that you all have. The level of experience in the room was absolutely amazing. Great classes all four days well worth it. It was great to speak with you again and look forward to seeing you again soon at PCIC or ESW. Appreciate all the advice and future advice. Enjoy your testing.
Frank Foote
Senior Designer
Brown and Caldwell
Phoenix, AZ
It certainly was our pleasure to have you [Doug Black] and it was absolutely necessary for them [the class] to hear it from a Subject Matter Expert who had hands on experience. It was a great presentation and you had me on the edge of my seat during the class – there were so many ah ha moments that I wanted our maintenance personnel to understand how many times they have put themselves at risk in the past. …I have a conference call this afternoon with our engineers… just to apprise them of our needs, and if I get to pick who we hire to conduct our electrical safety assessment it will be you and your team. Thanks again for spending time with Larry… I wanted him to see an expert presenter in action, which part of our last 501 OSHA class was in part presentation skills. Larry did a great job but after seeing your presentation at Ripley I knew it would be of great benefit for him to observe you “in action”.
Clare U.
Portageville, MO
Al is very knowledgeable of NFPA 70E and was a great instructor. Course is exciting, interactive and much better than other NFPA 70E courses that I have taken.
From a LV NFPA 70E Class
Wilminton, DE
I want to thank the staff at e-Hazard for making my learning experience very rewarding and fun! As you guys know, the subject matter of electrical safety and Arc flash is vitally important! From a learner’s perspective, it can be overwhelming to take-in, digest and apply at the grassroots level. However, e-hazard has proven that the subject of electrical safety and arc flash can be delivered in such a way that students want to engage, understand, and apply the knowledge. Your recent Train the Trainer class on March 4th-7th, in Louisville KY, is a testimonial of this. The instructors are experts in the subject matter and their delivery methods unsurpassed. To draw comparison, I used one of e-Hazard’s competitors for my Arc flash training needs a few years ago. What a disappointment that was. The info was general and the instructors were not subject matter experts. This is not to say the instructors were bad at what they did; just weren’t authorities on the subject matter they were teaching. That makes a BIG difference when dealing with real world application of Arc flash practices. This is a subject you don’t want to misapply or misconstrue because the consequences can be grave! With that said, I will always consider e-hazard for my electrical safety and arc flash training needs!
Robert S.
Maintenance Mgr.
NSG Group, North America
Yes we would be interested in another [Train the Trainer] class later this year. We like working with e-Hazard and the classes go off without a hitch.
Jim M.
I appreciate all you guys did as well. The class was a great success and the guys have told me it was the best one they’ve ever sat through by far. You have a good thing going there so keep it up.
Andy R.
I’ve been to a few train-the-trainer sessions, and the other companies just do the training for you once. Your adult education specialist training, the group critique and videotaping of me doing the training has given me a lot of things to make me a better trainer. The two days of in depth Q&A while we did the training in front of you guys made me a lot more comfortable with the material. Thanks, e-Hazard.
Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory
I think it [Train the Trainer class] was the smoothest and best run operation of its kind I have participated in over, at least, the last 15 years. I cannot recall a better experience.
Paul S.


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