Control of Hazardous Energy (Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO)) Procedure Writing w/Placards

LOTO Procedure Writing

Service Overview

Writing LOTO procedures is something that can be quite time consuming and you want to be sure you have the correct Subject Matter Experts doing this work as you cannot afford to have any mistakes in the procedure(s). Our Subject Matter Experts at e-Hazard can assist with LOTO Procedure development at your facility, we have  Subject Matter Experts that have a deep understanding of LOTO procedure development, and how to effectively create and implement LOTO procedures to meet the OSHA 1910.147. LOTO procedures are written on highly visual and visible placards that allow the employee to easily interpreted how to properly perform LOTO with the use of LOTO procedure.

How to Write or Update a LOTO Safety Program

Our team has years of LOTO experience as well as electrical safety experience and can help you develop the best procedures within your facility. From making sure you are compliant to rolling out procedures that are easy to follow, we can help you develop the right LOTO procedures to assist in maintaining your safe work environment.

E-Hazard is happy to develop LOTO Procedures with Placards specific to your organization. Email us at and we can assist you with a proposal.

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