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How Can I Get Arc Flash Certification?

We sometimes get questions from electrical contractors who have been told that their company must be arc-flash certified. I have to explain to the contractors that there is really no such thing as “certification” for a company in arc flash.

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Am I a Qualified Electrician?

According to NFPA 70E® Article 110.2(D)(1)(e), page 15, General Requirements for Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices, the specifications between a qualified and an unqualified person are defined. This is to specify the requirements of electrical safety training, retraining and certification.

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Why Should I Be Trained in Electrical Safety?

Thousands of electrical workers are injured or even die annually, due to hazardous work conditions, lack of training and improper use of electrical equipment.

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Why Should I Train Employees Who Work Around and on Electricity?

Here we give you four reasons why you should train those who work around and on electricity.

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The e-Hazard Safety Cycle™: Training

Here we describe how training fits into the four parts of the electrical safety cycle.

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How a Train the Trainer Program Will Help Your Company

Thousands of electrical workers are injured or even die annually, due to hazardous work conditions, lack of training and improper use of electrical equipment. Being informed about electrical safety is the key to avoiding dangerous, even life-threatening conditions while at work.

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The Importance of Training Task Qualified Operators

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Without their creativity and productivity, companies would suffer and eventually fail. There are many ways an employer can support and encourage employees to be creative and productive, and foremost on that list would be providing a good electrical safety training program.

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Equipotential Grounding: Let’s Review

First Things First: What is High Voltage? When we examine industrial on-site electrical distribution systems, we immediately notice that a large majority of these sites distribute power throughout the facility with voltage levels exceeding 600 volts.

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What Quick Thinking and Good Training Can Do

Quick thinking from two policemen helped save a construction worker’s life. The worker’s industrial concrete saw was believed to come into contact with an energized electrical line, rendering him unconscious. He ended up lying in water about 6 in. deep. At least one other person tried to move him, but he or she was shocked also.

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Proper Lockout and Training Could Have Saved Employee’s Life

A 60-year-old employee was pulled into a rotating shaft of a coal elevator and killed at his workplace in Tonawanda, NY. He was preparing to grease the elevator when his jacket was caught.

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Why Electrical Safety Training and Arc Flash Training Are Important for Supervisors

It was the last call that I wanted to get. A few years ago I received a phone call from an OSHA inspector asking for one of our training manuals. He sounded upset and demanded that it be sent overnight. A worker had died in an electrical arc.

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What Not to Do When Teaching: Part One

On our journey to becoming exceptional trainers, it is good to occasionally review important points that may have been forgotten over time. Here are some considerations worth repeating.

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What Not to Do When Teaching: Part Two

In the previous post we briefly covered the infractions of being late for class, being unprepared, and speaking in monotone or in a boring manner. Here are a few more “undesirables” to watch out for…

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