How Will Train the Trainer Help My Company?

Author: Cricket Hater

The Benefits of Train the Trainer

The latest electrical safety information is the most obvious benefit of e-Hazard’s award-winning Train the Trainer (TTT) program. Beyond that, TTT uniquely offers a practical, economical solution to the challenge of communicating safe work practices to the people on the front lines. TTT trains highly qualified members of the company’s safety team to teach electrical safety to their own workers, on their home turf, in the context of their own operations. In short, this course equips key company staff members with the knowledge and leadership skills to educate their entire work team.

What Does TTT Offer?

The intensive, four-day TTT course from e-Hazard combines the best information available from the electrical industry and the education field. The first two days of training are focused on the current NFPA 70E® low voltage and OSHA 1910.269 high voltage requirements, presented by the most sought-after experts in the world. TTT thoroughly familiarizes the participants with the training content and materials, which have been developed by electrical and adult education specialists. During the final two days, attendees are trained in best practice teaching techniques, and are able to hone their instruction skills in the presence of experts. In-depth, written peer and instructor critiques and videotaping provide relevant and immediate feedback.

Participants leave with all the materials necessary to conduct future training, including the DVD training guide and materials, e-Hazard instructor and student manuals, third-party DVDs, and an electronic copy of all other files needed. Also included are licensing to use e-Hazard materials, access to all future updates, and discounts for e-Hazard student workbooks.

Who Should Attend TTT?

TTT is perfect for companies with multiple shifts, a large workforce or multiple departments. Employers should send key personnel who will best comprehend the information and be able to communicate it to his or her team for maximum impact across the company. Safety directors, plant managers, engineers, electricians or maintenance staff are among those who may benefit from the Train the Trainer curriculum.

What If I Need Something Special?

No two companies are the same–some may have specific training needs. It’s not a problem! We can customize a class just for your workforce to meet the training needs most important to you. We offer a comprehensive selection of services and courses designed to answer the most basic or the most complex questions about your electrical safety concerns.

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