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e-Hazard is dedicated to building an electrical safety culture with you. Through our training and services we equip you and your coworkers to work safely.

We are Experienced Industry Leaders

Our experts helped make the electrical standards what they are today. Our team includes some of the top researchers in arc flash and many serve on key committees of the standard-setting bodies, such as NFPA, ANSI, CSA, IEC, ISO, ASTM and IEEE.

Our team members have experience in factories, industrial installations, utilities, chemical plants, submarines, testing facilities, firehouses and more. Our team has extensive experience working around electricity – safely. Most have been electricians and worked in engineering management with primary corporate responsibility for electrical safety.

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We Take a Practical Approach

Our electrical safety experts have walked in your shoes. We understand that if it’s not practical, it’s not applicable. We teach you how to stay safe in the real world, not just textbook definitions.

We use our exclusive research videos in training to demonstrate the actual results of an arc flash and how properly wearing PPE can save your life. We incorporate a variety of teaching methods to ensure no one is left behind.

We update our materials with the latest OSHA, NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 standards. But because meeting minimum standards alone doesn’t guarantee safety, our training emphasizes industry best practices. This approach helps global companies have consistency across borders. Our classes are available in Spanish and have been taught in other languages.

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We Are Passionate

Every single person at e-Hazard believes in our mission: to make sure you go home safely to your family. We are actively involved with conferences and organizations whose mission is to increase electrical workplace safety. Our experts often speak at international forums and publish papers that further the world’s understanding of electrical safety.

Every action we take is guided by one question – “Does it increase awareness and safety?”

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We Are Focused On You

Our approach is to understand your electrical safety needs and build a solution to address them. Whether you need customized classes, updates to your electrical safety program, or an external audit of work practices, our programs are built around you.

We emphasize a full electrical safety cycle. This includes risk assessment, engineering mitigation, predictive maintenance, written electrical safety programs, worker qualifications, training, auditing, and continuous improvement to maximize compliance and minimize risk to your employees and your company.

Our support does not stop at the end of the training day. We give you access to our experts even when class is long over.

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We Are (in)Credible

We’ve trained over 70,000 people on how to work safely around electricity. Here’s what they have to say:

“e-Hazard provides highly effective training easily relatable to real-world working scenarios.” – D.G., Technology Supervisor
“The class was awesome and I enjoyed the instructor’s view explained with passion.” – L.R., Electrical Site Manager
“The diverse and broad knowledge of our instructor...made the class interesting and fun to participate in.” – V.B., Government Lab Electrical Safety Officer

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