Webinar: Human Performance in Electrical Safety

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Webinar: Human Performance in Electrical Safety

Webinar About Human Performance in Electrical Safety

Join us for a pragmatic one-hour webinar detailing one of the biggest opportunities for real improvement in electrical safety: understanding human performance. We will discuss some scenarios of near misses and significant injuries and the accompanying frustrations in identifying root causes of those incidents. We will look at drawbacks of fostering a blame culture. We will also talk about how standards organizations are applying research of human performance to the electrical field.

Research on factors affecting human performance came from the medical and airline sectors. The data was developed and then executed by the U.S. Navy in their nuclear submarine program. Later, nuclear power plants in North America implemented those same practices in their operational procedures.

Come join the conversation and turn the “why” of human performance into “how!”

Webinar title: Human Performance in Electrical Safety: Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Date: February 25, 2021

Time: 11:00 a.m. EST

Speaker: Mike Doherty 

Cost: $99

Sponsor: e-Hazard



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    Webinar About Human Performance in Electrical Safety.

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    Would love to have signed up for Mike’s webinar on 2/25 but the checkout process was far to cumbersom

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