NFPA 70E-2024: Public Input Is Open

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NFPA 70E-2024: Public Input Is Open

With the NFPA 70E-2021 completed, the standard committee is moving on to the 70E-2024 public input stage.

The NFPA 70E-2021 is out. Now we are on to the public input stage for the NFPA 70E-2024. Everyone can submit public proposals and comment on the proposals that passed as well as the proposals that failed.

If you feel very strongly about your proposal, request to have about 10 minutes at the next meeting to state your view. Submit your comments and any data that will back up your argument.

The deadline to submit your proposal is June 1, 2021.

Read about NFPA’s process of updating their standards. According to their website, “one of the most notable features about NFPA’s standards development process is that it is a full, open, consensus-based process.”



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