Watch “Arc Week” Episodes to Learn About Hazards of Arc Flash

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Watch “Arc Week” Episodes to Learn About Hazards of Arc Flash

Tune in for informative videos about the dangers of arc flash.

Using humor and creativity, Scott Margolin, a technical expert at Tyndale, explores the similarities between the hazards of swimming with sharks and working around electricity. Each short video highlights a different topic. The videos present important lessons about risk protection and PPE.

View them on Tyndale’s blog page.

Here’s a brief description of each episode:

Episode 1: Great White Arcs Caught on Camera: Just as you wouldn’t swim with Great Whites without a shark cage, you don’t want to be caught THIS close to an arc without the right PPE.

Episode 2: Arc Bites – Inside An Arc Rating: When planning to dive with sharks, the size, species, and number of sharks – as well as the possible dive conditions – determine the type and amount of PPE you’ll need to wear. The higher the risk of the dive, the more PPE you need to wear. The same is true of arc flash PPE when preparing to work in energized, arc-infested work zones: it all depends on the size of the possible arc.

Episode 3: Arc Infested Work Zones – Your Lifeguard is NFPA 70EStep beyond the flash protection boundary, and you’re officially “swimming” with arcs. Get to know NFPA 70E – your lifeguard in commercial and industrial electrical work zones. Find out how 70E applies, what it says, and how to stay safe.

Episode 4: When Arcs Attack; Defending Yourself from an ArcDon’t be “fuelish.” Find out how arc-rated clothing works and what to look for in the clothing you trust with your life.

Episode 5: Arc Attack FilesArc flash incidents are deadly serious and there are devastating real world consequences of “swimming in dangerous waters” without the right PPE. We’ll take a humbling look at why wearing the right PPE – and wearing it properly – matters.


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