How Are Sharks and Arc Flash Similar? Watch “Arc Week,” Season 2, to Find Out!

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How Are Sharks and Arc Flash Similar? Watch “Arc Week,” Season 2, to Find Out!

"Arc Week" Presented by Tyndale

Hold on to your seats (or your anchor rope) – Arc Week, Season 2, is here! Both Seasons 1 and 2 are on Tyndale’s blog. Below, we break down the episodes of Season 2.

Season 2

Episode 1: Shark-rated vs. Arc-rated – Matching PPE to the HazardThis episode focuses on PPE: when to wear it, how to match PPE to the hazard – or is PPE needed at all? You’ll get a quick glimpse at all the PPE experts who will be featured in later episodes of Season 2.

Episode 2: Hidden Dangers – 3 Things to Know Layering Above Cat 2. In a work environment, workers may focus on the most obvious hazard while overlooking hidden hazards. Learn how to apply situational awareness and PPE to mitigate the hidden dangers.

Episode 3: “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” – Cat 3 & 4 Arc Flash Suits. Believe it or not, similarities can be drawn between the movie Jaws and industrial electrical safety! Find out what they are, and listen to the CAT 3 & 4 expertise of Enespro’s VP of Business Development Rich Gojdics.

Episode 4: Famous Sharks & Arcs Through History. Arc Week’s moderator, Tyndale technical expert Scott Margolin, has some fun pointing out famous sharks in history. On a more serious note, National Safety Apparel Chief Revenue Officer Duane Siders talks about some famous arcs in history.

Episode 5: Respect Your Environment – Swimming with Sharks and Working with Arcs. In this episode, host Scott Margolin is joined by three experts in the electrical safety world to go diving with sharks in Jupiter, FL. How does this scenario relate to arc flash? Tune in to find out!  

Or for a breakdown of Season 1 and links to individual episodes, see our blog article here



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