New e-Hazard Video: Mobile Equipment Operator Safety Near Power Lines

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New e-Hazard Video: Mobile Equipment Operator Safety Near Power Lines

e-Hazard has released a new video to our growing library of digital resources.

More companies have been asking for options to our traditional electrical safety training classes, which we offer here in Louisville, KY, or on-site at company locations. While we feel that attending a live class provides invaluable opportunity for information exchange with peers and instructional consultants alike, we also offer a variety of videos for sale, streaming, or rent.

mobile-equip-power-lines-cover e-Hazard is in the process of developing up-to-date informational videos on different topics. These videos will allow companies to train their employees on applicable safety rules while performing specific tasks on the job. e-Hazard’s latest project is titled Mobile Equipment Operator Safety near Power Lines. It features Joe Rachford as the leading electrical safety consultant. The video is only 39 minutes long but still covers pertinent information such as electrical safety facts, regulations, dealing with hazards around high voltage, work practices and responsibilities around high voltage, and how electrical and non-electrical workers need to handle mobile equipment near power lines.

This video does not replace Low Voltage or High Voltage class training. It has been designed to allow companies to train their own employees as well as outside contractors and their employees on specific behaviors with equipment around high voltage sources, allowing them to make safe decisions at the work site.

Introducing A New Instructor

Joe Rachford is one of e-Hazard’s electrical safety consultants. He developed his career as an electrical engineer in the steel industry. He has been involved with IEEE for years and has authored several papers for the IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop. He not only contributed his expertise for e-Hazard’s video on Mobile Equipment Operator Safety, but he also now teaches both low and high voltage e-Hazard classes.

Other Videos Available

Don’t forget our other electrical safety training videos! These are available on for online streaming at your convenience and also on our website, if you prefer purchasing a DVD:

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 The following videos are available on DVD. Call our office to order or find them online at the e-Hazard Store.

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Electrical Safety Courses on Video

While we feel that students get more out of safety training when in a classroom with a live instructor and a group of other people in the electrical industry, we do offer these courses on video for the convenience of our customers. See our website for more details.

Hugh Hoagland

does research and testing of PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Hugh is a Sr. Consultant at ArcWear and Sr. Partner at e-Hazard. Read more about Hugh.

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