Electrical Safety Resources: Helping to Keep Electrical Workers Safe

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Electrical Safety Resources: Helping to Keep Electrical Workers Safe

e-Hazard's Mission: To help keep those in the electrical industry safe

How does our company do that? Multiple ways, such as keeping up-to-date on electrical safety standards and regulations and communicating with others in the electrical industry.

 IEEE’s annual Electrical Safety Workshop is one of the best avenues for meeting those goals. It’s too late to sign up for this year’s workshop, but be on the lookout on our blog for information on 2024’s workshop, to be held in Tucson, AZ!

Other Resources at Your Fingertips

 e-Hazard’s electrical safety consultants want to make sure the best information we can find is promoted. The following resources are just a few different examples that provide access to good information on electrical safety.


The electrical industry is widely represented on YouTube. One channel we’d like to highlight is the Electrical Construction & Maintenance channel, EC&M TV. A few series on the EC&M TV channel include Tech Talks, EC&M Asks, and Moving Violations.

Plugged Into Safety Podcast

Still relatively new, e-Hazard’s podcast Plugged Into Safety is available on multiple platforms, including Apple and Spotify. Hosts Brian McCauley and Derek Vigstol discuss electrical safety issues with other experts in the industry.

e-Hazard Learning Center

We’d like to point out our Learning Center on our website, where you can link to helpful articles on many different topics pertaining to electrical safety. You will find articles on the Publication List page and also on a page that has White Papers.

One article listed on e-Hazard’s Learning Center is Reliability Centered Maintenance, or RCM.  

Other topics include arc flash hazards, PPE, and mentoring.

Good articles to read include the following (not posted on our website but are available for sale online):

  1. “Managing Reliability for Electrical Safety”, Floyd, H.L., 2011 Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals Annual Conference, October 17-20, 2011, Greensboro, NC
  1. Maintenance Strategies for a New Era in Electrical Safety”, Fayard, R.S., Floyd, H.L., Staat, D., Sullivan P.S., & Thornton, E., 2010 IEEE IAS Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee Technical Conference, San Antonio, TX, September 20 – 23, 2010

We like to call attention to this organization, especially during Electrical Safety Month. They cover other safety topics besides electrical, but their Workplace Safety section is worth checking out.

If you've decided you need training...

Of course, providing the best electrical safety training to new and returning clients remains one of our biggest priorities. Our most popular classes include Low Voltage (up to 600 V), High Voltage (601 and higher), Arc Flash Safety for Utilities 1910.269, and National Electrical Code for Industrial Installations. 

See our Training Schedule for those classes and others we offer!


The e-Hazard team is dedicated to ensuring people who work with electricity can go home safely to their families.. Read more about e-Hazard.

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