Reminder: Fall Protection OSHA 1910.269 Enforcement Date

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Reminder: Fall Protection OSHA 1910.269 Enforcement Date

Employers need to be aware of an OSHA 1910.269 enforcement date coming up.

OSHA 1910.269 applies to the transmission, distribution, and generation of electricity.

Until May 31, 2015, no citations will be issued under 29 CFR 1910.269(g)(2)(iv)(C)(2) or (3) or 29 CFR 1926.954(b)(3)(iii)(B) or (C) to employers complying with the fall protection requirements in the version of 29 CFR 1910.269(g)(2)(v) that was in effect on April 11, 2014.

On April 11, 2014, OSHA publicized a final rule revising the general industry and construction standards for work on electric power generation, transmission and distribution installations. The revised standards became effective on July 10, 2014, although some paragraphs have compliance deadlines in 2015.

Under 29 CFR 1910.269(g)(2)(iv)(C)(2) and (3) and 29 CFR 1926.954(b)(3)(iii)(B) and (C), employers generally must ensure that employees in elevated locations more than 1.2 meters ( 4 feet) above the ground on poles, towers, or similar structures use a personal fall arrest system, work-positioning equipment, or fall restraint system, as appropriate. (The standards provide that until March 31, 2015, qualified employees climbing or changing location on poles, towers, or similar structures do not need to use fall protection equipment unless conditions could cause the employee to lose his or her grip or footing.)




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