NEW CDC Guidelines on Disinfecting Respirators

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NEW CDC Guidelines on Disinfecting Respirators

We do not expect the CDC to issue guidelines on arc flash PPE.

But most manufacturers provide some guidance now.  Most of the guidance states not to share PPE without laundering.

We have been fielding questions and trying to provide guidance on the different proposed methods people are wanting to use.  We cannot guarantee the efficacy of any method, but we will try to address the potential effect on flame resistance and arc-flash protection.

Microwaving PPE

A little warning is in order: some have asked about microwaving AR gear.  I would NOT recommend that since almost all AR gear contains some metal. Many of these are in the fibers, like Antimony. Some “polymer” face shields also contain nanoparticles of metal or coatings with metal.

Microwaves mainly heat up water, so it is not a recognized method to disinfect clothing.

UV is unevenly applied and also may not work. H2O2 vapor and other disinfecting means are commonly being used.

Here are the CDC Guidelines for Disinfecting Respirators

OSHA recommendations for preparing the workplace for COVID-19 prevention

OSHA’s Full COVID Page

OSHA Subsequently issued more guidance on disinfecting respirators for the COVID-19 Crisis

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