Guidance for FR/AR Cloth Face Coverings; ASTM Publishes F1506-20A

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Guidance for FR/AR Cloth Face Coverings; ASTM Publishes F1506-20A

Update: ASTM F1506-20a Published

ASTM F1506-20a adds flame-resistant cloth face coverings (FRCFCs) to the scope. The FRCFCs are allowed reduced labeling requirements. Read more details on this Arcwear blog.

With this change, companies can meet NFPA 70E and OSHA 1910.269.  

ArcWear provides  preliminary guidance for manufacturers and end users. 

IF a mask isn’t labeled with an arc rating, ask the manufacturer if the fabric meets ASTM F1506.  

This link also contains the CDC guide.

Neither ArcWear nor e-Hazard sells or promotes specific brands of  PPE. If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to contact ArcWear or e-Hazard.  Helping workers keep safe from arc flash and flash fire has been our mission since our founding in 1997.

Big thanks to ASTM for offering all their COVID-19 related standards for FREE during this pandemic to assist in proper manufacturing (even though this is their main source of income as a not-for-profit).

List of Arc-Rated Cloth Face Coverings Suppliers 

(e-Hazard and ArcWear do NOT sell or promote any products but are offering this as a service in the crisis).

Website | (519) 452-3780

Berne Apparel
Website | (800) 843-7657

Website | (800) 223-3372

Chapman (CarbonX)
Website | (801) 415-0023

Chicago Protective
Website | (847) 674-7900

Website | (866) 266-4035

Elliot Australia
Website | +61(7) 3265 2944

Website  | 800-225-8238

Website | (800) 385-5380

Majestic Fire Apparel Inc.
Website | (610) 377-6273
Ask about the Rhino Brand for utilities.

MWG Apparel
Website | (204) 774-2561 (Canada)

Website | (800) 553-0672 x2

PGI Industries
Website | (800) 558-8290

Website | +44 (0)1482 679600

Website  | (800) 527-3826

Website | +44 (0) 1302 890390

Stanco Manufacturing
Website | (800) 348-1148

True North Gear

Website | (800) 356-3433




This article aims to emphasize the ideology of always assessing the risk; even when solutions appear to be perfect, there are always caveats or rules that should be considered.

Have a question about electrical safety and standards?   

Hugh Hoagland

does research and testing of PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Hugh is a Sr. Consultant at ArcWear and Sr. Partner at e-Hazard. Read more about Hugh.

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  1. Pam Dickens

    So is there any supplier who has FR/AR face masks available now? We are looking for this PPE for our electrical team.

    1. Hugh Hoagland

      Here is the article that has the list. We will update this as we learn more.

      Many may not have them listed on their website easy to find so call if you don’t seem them online.

    2. Hugh Hoagland

      I am linking to all the known Arc Rated Cloth Face Coverings that we know of to this article.
      Thanks Pam.


  2. George Cole

    Good information and badly needed guidance during this current crisis that caught everyone off guard.

  3. Floyd Pleger

    Our company has 200 masks made from Vinex coming from a local supplier. I doubt if they are labeled yet, but it is the same material as our class 2 daily wear. It is also molten metal rated, so our casting production folks can use it also

  4. Robert LeRoy

    Thanks again for the info and eHazard forward thinking. Just received my order of 100 masks after a one month lead time. They are appropriately marked with HRC # and cal/cm2. Since the group of folks these are purchased for are in oil and gas which requires field clothing must be FR, my concern is wearers may now think the mask is a substitute for a balaclava. Shouldn’t be needed for the well-informed but perhaps a “not 70E compliant” on the label or packaging might be prudent. These masks do say they are 70E compliant. True that for “nothing inside the arc-flash boundary” that may melt, etc. but not covering the side and back of the head and “all parts of the body inside the AFB when needed would make them non-compliant. Understand all PPE is not for all tasks but the labeling as it is now may confuse. Another point to add to the training content. Guaranteed we are going to start seeing workers replace masks for balaclavas due to comfort and view masks as just something else in their arsenal to choose for electrical protection due to its marking. Appreciate all you are doing.

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