Free Webinar: 3 Electrical Safety Elements to Use Today

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Free Webinar: 3 Electrical Safety Elements to Use Today

Need some help implementing electrical safety into your workplace?

In a free webinar, Hugh Hoagland and Zarheer Jooma will talk about the Electrical Safety Program, Risk Assessment, and minimum electrical maintenance requirements. They will guide you in implementing these concepts into a workable safety plan that can be successful in your workplace.

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DATE: October 15, 2020

TIME: 2:00PM ET – 1:00PM CT – 11:00AM PT

Description from OH&S:

Safety and technical practitioners are familiar with the concepts governing Hazards and Risks, but the exact method of implementing these for Electrical Safety relies on data and experience that are not easily accessible, due to unique plant operations and varying organizational structures, among other factors. Also, the governing Standards need to standardize by telling users “what to do” rather than “how to do it”. Our webinar addresses this gap between concepts and implementation by examining three elements common to the majority of workplaces and explains how to utilize them in a practical way.

The three elements discussed are based on best-practice data accumulated through multiple sources over several years and already tested for effectiveness at several sites. The first element is examining the Electrical Safety Program and determining how to incorporate Risk Assessments into the Job Planning and Job Briefing routines. The second element consists of quantitative inputs to the Risk Assessment, based on Arc Flash Calculations. The third element is ensuring that Risk Control is not derailed by addressing the minimum Electrical Maintenance requirements for industrial plants. The three elements offer electrical and non-electrical persons a running start into the NFPA-70E, NFPA-70B, and IEEE-1584 standards, the big three in electrical safety management systems.


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