e-Hazard Learning Center: Electrical & Arc Flash Safety Resources at Your Fingertips

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e-Hazard Learning Center: Electrical & Arc Flash Safety Resources at Your Fingertips

New at e-Hazard: The Learning Center Online

e-Hazard Learning Center aims to be the one of the primary resources on the web for news, updates, and general information on anything concerning electrical safety. We strive to provide the best and most complete answers to your electrical safety questions.

As well as providing articles and white papers, the Learning Center also houses links to your favorite arc flash videos, including our popular Arc Flash Safety Minute videos.

Think of our Learning Center as a library, stocked with the best of the industry’s expertise on industry standards, arc flash, and electrical safety. Anyone can peruse the material, usage is free, and content is always being updated and expanded.

What’s in the Learning Center?

While the “shelves” of our new Learning Center are continually being filled, here are a few of the topics and related resources currently available:

Topic: Training

Articles and posts:

  • Why Should I Be Trained in Electrical Safety?
  • The Importance of Training Task Qualified Workers
  • Why Electrical Safety Training and Arc Flash Training are Important for Supervisors

Topic: PPE

White Paper: Using Dielectric and Electrical Hazard (EH) Shoes

Topic: Maintenance:

Articles and posts:

  • The e-Hazard Safety Cycle™: Electrical Maintenance
  • What is Normal Operation of Electrical Equipment?

Save the Link!

Access the e-Hazard Learning Center here!

Bookmark the page. Visit often to find out what new things have been added. And let others know about our new Learning Center!

Elisa Sellars

Elisa has a background in education and language. She writes for the e-Hazard blog and is the adult education consultant for Train the Trainer classes.

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