2019 Workplace Electrical Injuries and Fatalities

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2019 Workplace Electrical Injuries and Fatalities

The numbers on electrical injuries and fatalities for 2019 are out.

ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International) reports U.S. occupational electrical accidents based on information published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the U.S. Census Bureau. The data includes the total number of electrical injuries and fatalities, the industries in which they occurred, and the rate of electrical injury and fatality for certain industries.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports annually the number of fatal work injuries in the U.S., not just electrical fatalities. 

Some Data From Both Reports

2019 saw an uptick in fatal occupational injuries overall. This number (5,333) is the highest annual number since 2007. Also, it is a 3.75% increase over 2018.

The 55-and-older age group saw the largest number of fatal injuries ever recorded in their age group – 2,005 fatalities in 2019. 

The total number of fatal electrical injuries in 2019 was 166, up from 160 in 2018.

The 25-34 year-old age group still has the highest percentage of electrical fatalities: 30% in 2019. The age group having the next highest number of fatalities is the 34-44 year-olds, with 27% of electrical fatalities.

Of all electrical fatalities, 30% happened at industrial sites, while another 30% occurred at private residences. 

Construction and extraction occupations had 43% of all electrical fatalities.

Training is Part of the Solution

No doubt, proper electrical safety training plays an important part in keeping workers safe on the job. E-Hazard offers a complete training package that includes OSHA regulations, NFPA 70E standards, The National Electrical Code, as well as other industry standards. 

Planning, auditing, equipment maintenance and assessing workplace risks are other important aspects of electrical safety. These and more are covered in  The e-Hazard Safety Cycle™. These aspects work hand-in-hand to form a “big picture” of what a good electrical safety program looks like. Once a company has an electrical safety program in place, continuous review keeps it working smoothly as equipment gets replaced, technology improves, and leadership in management changes.

Need Help?

Does your company need a third-party auditor to look at your program from a fresh perspective? Do you need help beginning the process of creating an electrical safety program? Or do you simply need good electrical safety training? We can help in all those situations and nearly everything in between!

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