Workers Help Save Life of Shock Victim

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Workers Help Save Life of Shock Victim

A local firefighter, state trooper, and three workers helped save a man’s life.

The recent incident occurred at Wixom Lake in Michigan. A crane operated by workers from Gerace Construction contacted a 14,400-volt electrical line. Two workers received shocks. One went into cardiac arrest.

Three other workers and a firefighter who lived nearby performed CPR on the man until the state trooper arrived. The trooper confirmed the victim was not breathing and had no pulse. He used an AED on the victim, after which the man’s heart started beating again. He also began breathing on his own.

Gerace President and CEO Tom Valent said, “The health and safety of our team is always a top priority. We are grateful for the swift work and skilled responses from the law enforcement and healthcare professionals who responded. We have been and will remain in close contact with our two team members and their families, and will continue to support their recovery.”

As of Thursday, both workers were listed in stable condition at an area hospital.




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