Research on Arc Blast Conducted by ArcWear and Kinectrics Presented at Ontario Technologist Forum

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Research on Arc Blast Conducted by ArcWear and Kinectrics Presented at Ontario Technologist Forum

In a recent article in The Ontario Technologist, the author explains electric arc and the pressure generated by an arc flash event, also known as an arc blast.

Multiple tests were performed on electrical equipment built to resemble a motor control center bucket to provide data on arc blast pressure. The first paper presented in 2017 IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop used different electrode materials, high-speed video, and transducers. The team conducting the experiments measured the effects of metal vaporization and fault duration on force of an ejected panel door on someone standing near the equipment.

This paper is published in the IEEE Transactions, “Arc Flash Pressure Measurement by the Physical Method, Effect of Metal Vapor on Arc Blast” This paper offers the best state of the art research on arc blast calculations for real world equipment.

The second paper used the same set up but different shear strengths on the door pins to evaluate the effect of further containment.

The results of these experiments will help develop safer work methods and equipment designs for those who work around and on electrical equipment.

The research was made possible through a joint effort by Hugh Hoagland of ArcWear and e-Hazard and Kinectrics Lab in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

The full research will be presented at the IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop in 2019. IEEE- Electrical Safety Workshop Registration opens Oct. 1, 2018.

Connect to the July/August edition of The Ontario Technologist to read the details of the experiments in the complete article.

Thanks to Phil Skelding of Kinectrics for presenting an overview for the forum.


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