Plugged Into Safety Ep. 18: DC Power in the Workplace with Guest Seth McCoy

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Plugged Into Safety Ep. 18: DC Power in the Workplace with Guest Seth McCoy

The New Kid on the Block: DC Power

Seth McCoy, test and evaluation engineer and technician lead with Battery Innovation Center, joins Brian and Derek to talk about DC batteries in the workplace.

Utilizing DC batteries to operate roadside equipment, electric vehicles, and the various gadgets we use daily for work and for entertainment is a new and exciting area to be entering. While most of us take these relatively new inventions for granted, others are working behind the scenes to improve their usefulness and apply electrical safety measures to this electrical sector.

As with all new things, there is a lot yet to be discovered. These new innovations do not come hazard-free, and the electrical industry, as a whole, shoulders the responsibility for educating electrical workers about the hazards of DC power and the ways to mitigate the hazards.

Seth gives great advice on how to approach DC in the workplace while also giving us his perspective into the excitement of the unknown. Listen now to hear more about his take on this new arm of the electrical industry.

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