Glove Testing: How Much Is Too Much?

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Glove Testing: How Much Is Too Much?

Q: I have a few questions about electrical gloves.

While the test frequency requirement is a maximum of a six-month interval, our company has a policy of monthly testing of gloves.  The justification is because of the frequency and conditions under which these gloves are used.

 Is over testing a problem?  Will testing more frequently degrade the gloves?  Is the justification we are using reasonable? 

Thanks in advance.  I appreciate any guidance you could offer.  

A: Glove testing does stress the gloves.

The Class 00 and Class 0 gloves are tested at five times their maximum use voltage, so these classes can be especially stressed.

Other classes of gloves are tested at 17% – 20% over their maximum use voltage.

In addition, care must be taken during inflation not to overinflate the glove. Overinflation will also damage the glove

A former Salisbury expert indicated that they used to recommend allowing the gloves to rest for 24 hours after inflation before electrical testing. This was to allow the rubber to fully return to its natural state before electrical testing.

Many companies whose employees use their gloves daily test them on a three-month interval. But I also know of companies that test them monthly.

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