e-Hazard Multi-Media Advertising

Electrical Safety Industry Advertising Opportunities

This advertising option offers great exposure to achieve your advertising objectives. This program includes a full-color ad in our classroom workbooks and a banner ad in our monthly e-newsletter. Other packages include a rotating banner on our Blog and websites, product placement in the classroom for giveaways to attendees (if desired), and more.

12 Month Term Pricing

NOTE: Our Multi-Media advertising is only offered in 12 month increments.

How it Works

For exposure to a wide range of electrical safety professionals, you provide e-Hazard with your materials and we will spread the word. Send us your print and web-ready artwork and/or products for placement in the classroom, and we do the rest.

What You Get

  • Eye-catching full-color ad in every student workbook
  • A banner ad in e-Hazard’s monthly e-newsletter, ArcNews, sent out to 8,000 plus, opt-in subscribers – (ArcNews details)
  • Exposure of product to all attendees of regional open-registration classes via giveaways (if desired)

Other Options Include

  • Your logo in our workbooks on the “NOTES” page

What We Need From You

Depending on the package your select will determine which of the following items we’ll need from you.

  • Print ready ad for classroom workbooks 3.625″ X 4.875″ at 300 DPI
  • E-newsletter banner ad: 200 X 200 pixels
  • Website banner ad: 240 X 400 pixels
  • NOTE: Banner formats: jpg, png, or gif (no animations please) at 72 DPI
  • Product placement in the classroom for demonstration / giveaways purposes (if desired)
  • Apparel branded with your logo for trainers to wear in the classroom (if desired)

Get Started Today

We look forward to working with you! Contact Greg Stevens at (502) 716-7073 today for more information about advertising with e-Hazard.

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