e-Hazard Class Partnership

Host an e-Hazard Training Class
Thank you for your interest in sponsoring electrical safety training from e-Hazard. For over a decade, companies like yours have been sponsoring e-Hazard seminars with amazing results.


Your work is minimal. Simply suggest some classroom venue options in your area (your workplace, if applicable) and promote the class to your customers.

Let us do the rest and also the marketing for you! Prior to class, your name and logo will be presented to a list of thousands of potential clients via e-Hazard marketing efforts.

During class, arc flash products and solutions are introduced as training aides, providing the attendees the opportunity to identify their problems and needs. Since we do not sell electrical safety related PPE or specialty tools, your company can display and share your product as part of their solution, positively impacting your sales. In addition, as a partner you are eligible to send one person to attend the class at no charge to learn about electrical safe work practices and PPE from our highly qualified instructors so as to more knowledgeably meet your customers' needs.

Pricing to Sponsor

$0 – FREE!

How It Works / What You Get for Partnership

  • We both market the class to our customers.
  • e-Hazard will provide FREE marketing; your logo and company name will be placed on:
    • e-Hazard’s specific class event webpage
    • (3) E-invitations sent within 200 miles of class location
    • A text link to the class in e-Hazard’s monthly e-newsletter that is e-mailed to 9000 + subscribers
    • An attendance reminder email sent to all registrants of the class
  • There is a revenue potential for you based upon registrations and your involvement; call for details.
  • e-Hazard will furnish the expert trainer to present the course, as well as training materials and lunch for attendees.
  • You are eligible to send one free attendee to the class ($400 registration fee value).
  • You will receive the list of class attendees with contact information.
  • You offer solutions to customers’ needs, and have exclusive access to attendees to show your PPE (if applicable) and engage in networking during class breaks.
  • Work with e-Hazard on our partner/affiliate program to receive finders’ fees for more classes, and to help your customers make PPE decisions

What Do You Need to Do?

If you are ready to start, contact our team at (502) 716-7073, or register@e-hazard.com. We will answer your questions and help you begin the process of class sponsorship in your service area. It’s a win/win for both your company and e-Hazard as we work together to help people who work around electricity go home safely to their families.

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