Train the Trainer Refresher Class

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Train the Trainer Refresher Class

If you’re wondering whether you need to attend a Train the Trainer (TTT) Refresher class, keep reading!

Train the Trainer Refresher Class

First things first: if you’re not sure what is involved with e-Hazard’s Train the Trainer program, please read this article.

Our TTT Alumni Seminar (also known as TTT Refresher) provides the changes to the NFPA 70E as the standard is updated every three years. e-Hazard’s TTT Refresher training is specifically for those who have attended our Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) classes. If you have done that and have also completed all assignments for e-Hazard’s TTT program the first time through, you can attend one of our refresher training options. 

Our training materials update soon after the NFPA updates the 70E standards. This occurs every three years. NFPA 70E-2021 is the most current edition.

Much of the material in our LV and HV courses refer to the 70E. It would be beneficial to receive the updates so that any future classes you teach will reflect the changes.

If you are a TTT graduate and have continued to purchase student books for each class you teach (as per the license agreement), you can simply study the material yourself to know the changes. After you purchase the updated e-Hazard 2021 training materials, you will be able to upload the TTT Read Me files in the TTT Portal. The Read Me files explain all the changes and list the updated slides.

You Choose the Option That Best Meets Your Needs

However, if you choose to attend another training class, the following three options are available:

  • Attend a TTT Alumni Seminar. This one-day class is offered only a few times in the months immediately following an NFPA 70E update.
  • Attend Low Voltage Qualified and High Voltage Qualified classes near you.
  • Attend another four-day LV and HV TTT class.

Attending the one-day TTT Alumni Seminar may make the most sense upfront. This option would minimize your time off work and may incur the least amount of expense. In the past, e-Hazard offered this class only in Louisville. Now we are offering the option to take this Alumni Seminar online. The online class is conducted live with one of the e-Hazard instructors teaching. The LV updates are covered in the morning, while HV updates are covered in the afternoon. See our training schedule on our website.

Taking the LV and HV classes again (a two-day schedule) will give you all the information you need on the 70E updates within the context of the whole class. In the past, selecting this option would allow you to choose where you want to attend the classes. Currently, these classes are being held online only (live on WebEx). You may find one on our training schedule that works with your schedule.

The four-day option also allows you to see the updates in the context of the complete LV and HV presentations. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to once again instruct a portion of the class in front of your peers and to receive feedback on your training skills. Open TTT classes take place in Louisville.

Which Train the Trainer Refresher Class is Best for You?

All these options will prepare you to teach your LV and HV classes with updated materials. As before, you have e-Hazard support available to you. We are simply a phone call or email away!

While you may be thinking of cost and time off work as the most important concerns in deciding which option is best for you, consider another perspective. A few years ago, at an open TTT class in Louisville, a student explained to the class that he was attending that week as a refresher. He stressed that he preferred repeating the four-day TTT class as opposed to attending the one- or two-day refresher classes.

First, he received all the NFPA 70E updates in the context of the complete course. He learned not only what changes occurred but also where the new material was located. Also, he was able to see the whole program from the perspective of a different e-Hazard instructor than the one who taught him originally.

Secondly, because the four-day training involves teaching in front of peers, he was able to observe other instructors’ methods of teaching and learn from their experiences. Being the only instructor at his site, he did not have the benefit of receiving feedback from a peer at work. All in all, the four-day TTT option gave this student the most return for his time and money.

How to Get in Touch with Us

We want to help you get the most benefit for your investment in electrical safety. Feel free to visit e-Hazard’s website or call our office at (502)716-7073 to find out how we can help you get updated to the NFPA 70E-2021.


Elisa Sellars

Elisa has a background in education and language. She writes for the e-Hazard blog and is the adult education consultant for Train the Trainer classes.

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