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A Job Usually Taken for Granted

Lineman Appreciation Day began as a way to publicly thank utility workers who construct and maintain our electrical lines. While we can publicly thank those who work in our communities, we also remember those who worked when electricity was a new commodity.

The electrical industry has grown by leaps and bounds since the late 1800s, and that growth has come at a high price, including the cost of human lives lost. As with any major construction industry, electrical work has inherent dangers, with electricity often referred to as a “silent killer.”

e-Hazard joins our community and the electrical industry by saying “Thank you!” to those who put their lives on the line daily to make sure homes and businesses continue to have electricity. We certainly couldn’t do our work without you.

While April 18 is nationally recognized as Lineman Appreciation Day, we understand that different companies and organizations have chosen to honor linemen and women on different dates. Whenever you choose to recognize the day, make sure you #thankalineman.

Families of the Fallen

The family members of linemen who have died on the job sometimes need support from the outside. The Fallen Lineman Organization was formed to respond to their great need.

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Updated 4/18/2023


The e-Hazard team is dedicated to ensuring people who work with electricity can go home safely to their families.. Read more about e-Hazard.

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