New e-Hazard Class: Temporary Protective Grounding for Utilities

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New e-Hazard Class: Temporary Protective Grounding for Utilities

e-Hazard Offers Another New Class

Employers are required by OSHA to provide a safe workplace for their workers. When employees work in a utility setting, the higher voltages being worked on present a higher risk of a serious, life-altering injury or electrical fatality. The need to know and apply proper personal safety grounding techniques is critical.

e-Hazard’s Temporary Protective Grounding (TPG) class covers industry best practice in grounding techniques, as well as the OSHA requirements employers must follow relating to grounding, such as those found in 1910.269 and 1926.961. The class also goes into detail on the applicable IEEE and ASTM guidelines relating to grounding.

Come prepared to do some calculations! It is recommended that you arrive with not only a calculator but also copies of the IEEE and ASTM standards.

See the course outline for more details.

If you need other classes, please see e-Hazard’s current training schedule to look at all our class offerings.



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  1. Anthony Konrad (TJ)

    Hello I was wanting to know if the Temporary Protective grounding class is onsite or do you have it at your Training center in Kentucky?
    I didn’t see any of these classes listed on the calendar list?
    If it is at your facility cost per person?

    1. Elisa Sellars

      Thank you for contacting us! I will forward your question to someone who can answer you directly.

      1. Elisa Sellars

        Another link has been added to this blog to contact e-Hazard directly about this class! 🙂

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