New Articles: Arc Flash Considerations

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New Articles: Arc Flash Considerations

Arc Flash Considerations for Utilities and Construction…

…is a two-part article series by Hugh Hoagland and Zarheer Jooma. The articles appear in the Oct/Nov 2019 and Feb/March 2020 issues of Incident Prevention online magazine.

Part I explains the hazards of electrical shock and arc flash. It delves into appropriate PPE needed to mitigate those hazards, such as clothing to wear daily; gloves; and protection for the head, face, and neck.

Part II discusses the arc flash engineering study, the most common method of finding out the arc flash incident energy. It also explains in detail the components needed on arc flash labels. Generally speaking, arc flash labels communicate to workers the shock and arc flash hazards on the equipment the label is attached to.

Read Online

You can go to Incident Prevention online magazine to read both parts. A subscription to the magazine is free to those who work or provide contractor services for the utility industry.


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