March Webinar: Common Tasks That Can Lead to Arc Flash Incidents

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March Webinar: Common Tasks That Can Lead to Arc Flash Incidents

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Zarheer Jooma of e-Hazard presented a webinar on Common Equipment and Tasks that Can Lead to Arc Flash Incidents.

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This webinar examines common equipment and tasks that can lead to arc flash and shock incidents. Although an arc flash or shock could occur on any equipment under the correct – or incorrect – conditions, learning from actual events over many years displays a trend in both industries and utilities. The OSHA rules aimed at preventing such incidents will be discussed, followed by practical guidelines to help end users implement these rules. 

Discussion of these guidelines is especially important, as many mandatory requirements leave the implementation part to the discretion of end users. The complexities of transitioning from rule to practice are where end users are left most vulnerable to electrical hazards. Plugging these gaps will no doubt preserve the life of workers and safety of equipment. Although this webinar is aimed at utilities, commercial industrial users will also benefit.

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