State by State Credits for Electrical Safety Training

Author: Rose Boyd


State Approval for Continuing Education Credits

Many students who attend e-Hazard classes are licensed electricians or electrical contractors who need continuing education to maintain their licenses. To help them do this, we continually seek to obtain approval from state licensing boards and other certifying organizations so that our classes meet their continuing education requirements.

Our most popular course, Electrical Workplace Safety NFPA 70E – Low Voltage Qualified, has approval from 22 different state licensing boards in 21 states. That may not sound like a lot — but 15 states have no continuing education requirements for electricians at all, or do not require course approval.

Limitations on Continuing Education Credits

In the remaining states, there are various reasons that CE units might not be offered. One major issue is the difference between Code Change and Code Related course hours. Some states only approve courses which deal with updates to the NEC — National Electrical Code — that is currently being applied in that state. Since the NEC deals with design, installation and inspection of electrical installations, and our courses are focused on NFPA 70E training, or the safety of people working with electricity, our courses are usually approved as Code Related and not Code or Code Change hours. This may cause confusion, so it’s important for students who need approved course hours to check on the type of hours they need before registering for any class.

Another reason an e-Hazard course might not be approved is that some states require that the training be focused on local rules and regulations pertaining to electrical work, or that the instructors be affiliated with local organizations. e-Hazard courses are designed to be given anywhere in the country — and even outside the U.S. — and are taught by top-notch national authorities who may not be licensed in the local area where the course is taking place.

Most states boards, however, want electricians to be up to date on electrical safety and recognize e-Hazard’s training as a good option for meeting that educational need. Our electrical safety training courses are also approved by the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA)’s Continuing Technical Development Program.

We Do Our Part to Help

When students attend one of our classes, the instructor provides a continuing education sign-in sheet which lists the states where the course is approved and asks the student to provide his or her license number. When we receive that sheet at the office, we submit the information to the state boards according to their specific instructions. Often we can submit the information electronically, and the course credit goes on the student’s record immediately. In different states this procedure varies greatly; some boards require that we submit their own attendance rosters and other documentation, or provide specific information on the student’s certificate of completion. Whatever the requirements, we do our best to make sure the student receives credit wherever it is due.

Participating States and Organizations

Visit the bottom of our class detail pages to see if your state or organization participates in continuing education credits for electrical safety training.


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