Hugh Hoagland Interview on Arc Flash Gloves

An Interview by Ansell at the NSC Expo in 2011

Video Description

Hugh Hoagland, Arc Flash Testing and Training expert is interviewed by Ansell at the National Safety Council Expo in 2011. The interview discusses the keys to preventing ignition with arc rated materials specifically focusing on glove and hair/beard net hazard protection. Included is a discussion on voting to change the standard of glove testing through the ASTM F18.

Hoagland discusses a holistic approach to electrical safety in the workplace including full protection and the body, face and hands by using hair and beard nets as well as gloves. He states the current standards for rubber gloves are not the best protection for arc flash. He asserts that ignoring arc flash is the worst offense in electrical safety and can result in severe injuries.

He discusses the two keys to electrical safety in the work place: preventing ignition and adequate levels of protection for exposed areas. New products are becoming available that are only slightly more costly but are arc flash tested, chemical resistant and cut resistant as well as comfortable and more user friendly.