e-Hazard and AP Training Solutions: Working Together 20 Years

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e-Hazard and AP Training Solutions: Working Together 20 Years

A Long-term Working Relationship

If you have ever attended e-Hazard’s Low Voltage Qualified class, whether in-person or online, you will have watched an electrical safety video produced by AP Training Solutions titled Electrical Safety Related Work practices and the 2-21 NFPA 70E® for Electrical Workers.

The electrical safety video was first created over twenty years ago and has since become a keystone piece of our training material. the video is updated every three years when e-Hazard course material updates. These updates coincide with the regular three-year update cycle of the NFPA 70E®.

Read more about this long-lasting working relationship between two companies whose goal s to help keep electrical workers safe.

The article can be found on AP’s Quarterly Newsletter.

e-Hazard Training

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