Article: How Subject Matter Expert Advice Saved Money

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Article: How Subject Matter Expert Advice Saved Money

Why Hire a Subject Matter Expert?

Hugh Hoagland and Zarheer Jooma from e-Hazard and Robert W. Hines of  National Safety Apparel have co-written an article on the advantages of hiring a Subject Matter Expert (SME). The article was published in the May/June 2019 issue of IEEE Industry Applications Magazine.

Through empirical evidence, the authors indicate that hiring an independent SME can benefit an investigation of an electrical incident. The evidence comes from an incident in which a Utility was on the verge of purchasing a large amount of PPE without consulting an SME. Later, the company discovered through SME consultation (and new research performed by the SME) that the new PPE would add very little, if any, benefit to their situation. An SME, as part of the investigative team, would have been able to add insight to help the company make a decision more useful to their specific and unique circumstances.

You can read the article online here.





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