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Pre-Class Homework

Assignment #1 Instructions

1. Do this First: Watch the 1 hour video that covers training best practices, practical considerations, handling problems, learning styles and more.

Train the Trainer Pre-Class Video

The companion workbook follows the video so you can take notes to better prepare your assignment.

TTT Workbook

Assignment #2 Instructions

2. Do this Before Arrival: Practice the lesson or lesson(s) you will receive in an e-mail. You will be expected to present lessons during training.

Companion tools to assist with your preparation:

Practice Evaluation (PDF)
PowerPoint troubleshooting and other helpful hints (PDF)

Assignment guidelines

Practice the lesson(s) assigned to you, and be ready to present during training. This is the most important part of your homework.

  • You’ll have 15 minute to present each of your lessons. This includes time for questions, so use your time wisely.
  • Each student will present a different portion of our training from provided materials.
  • Unless you have Lesson #1, do not include an introduction, as you will be continuing from the prior student trainer.
  • It’s important that you rehearse with the PowerPoint, so you will learn where animation clicks are and places for interaction.
  • If your lesson(s) includes videos, make sure to work on how to integrate the clip into the current topic. If you are given a lesson with a longer video (slide will have an image of a DVD or box), introduce the video in your lesson (see instructor’s notes), but you will NOT actually show it.
  • We encourage you to present to family, friends or peers and have them evaluate you, using copies of the practice evaluation.