Hands-On Skills Assessment

For Low & High Voltage Employees


The Hands-On Skills Assessment assists companies in meeting the training requirement for “demonstration of skills”. It’s offered in conjunction with on-site training programs.

The assessment provides management with expertise to evaluate the skills of its workforce and maintain compliance with OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements. The tasks and skills assessed can be tailored to the facility.

Client Must Provide:

  • Qualifying Representative, available to be present for entire assessment schedule
  • Physical space adequate to review employees performing “work” on example equipment

Equipment Options

  • Option A: Facility provides appropriate spare equipment available for use
    • Spare 3 phase 200 AMP, fused safety switch or motor starter, other equipment as needed, upon agreement
  • Option B: e-Hazard provides Hands-On Low Voltage Training Kit
  • Option C: e-Hazard provides Touring Lab for more in-depth skills development

PPE and Tools Required (Responsibility of client)

  • PPE for electrical hazards and voltage test equipment (meters) appropriate to the voltage

What to Expect

One of our professional team members will conduct scheduled observations to assess a worker’s ability to perform specific tasks in a simulated environment. An organization representative is also required to attend the demonstration and sign-off as the “qualifying agent”. Typically, the assessments will be done with two workers at a time on equipment. See overview for example skills assessed.

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