Arc Flash Minute: Can I Use Lysol Spray to Disinfect Arc Flash Hoods?

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Arc Flash Minute: Can I Use Lysol Spray to Disinfect Arc Flash Hoods?

NEW INFO: After our testing to check on the flammability of this product, it has come to our attention from NSA’s Will Vereen, who called the Lysol company, that this is not a recommended use of their spray. And the method we used on the bottle is not certified by the EPA to be effective on Corona-virus.  Lysol is ONLY certified for use on these viruses on hard surfaces, AND it requires sufficient spray to be wet for 10 minutes on those surfaces.  

Additionally, they also do not recommend using the spray, even dry, on something next to the face.  This may be perhaps because the residue contains benzalkonium chloride. 

Alcohol also may not be effective on porous surfaces.  

Any of these methods used short term may not be effective.

If we find an effective method, we will notify via this post.  The video made clear to follow manufacturer’s directions, but we wanted to share as complete information we can.  Washing hands and wearing an N95 mask UNDER the hood may the the ONLY way to share PPE for now.

The video is accurate, but we wanted to add this disclaimer in writing until we can change the video.

This information is a PSA in the viral pandemic of COVID-19.

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Hugh Hoagland

does research and testing of PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Hugh is a Sr. Consultant at ArcWear and Sr. Partner at e-Hazard. Read more about Hugh.

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  1. Robert S.LeRoy

    Hugh, thanks again for leading.
    Question: What affect does the FR quality (ability to self-extinguish or no after flame) have on the Arc Rating (thermal insulation heat transfer (ATPV) or break-open values (eBT))? It seems that FR (after-flame) is more of a pass-fail than quantitative values of cal/cm2 of the ATPV or eBT. Some have asked after watching yours and other’s videos on this what is the long-term affect on ATPV/eBT. Am I correct, as you hint, that disinfecting is critical at this time but may require earlier than usual replacement of FR/AR PPE after this crisis is calmed down? Appreciate e-Hazard and all your team is doing!

    1. Hugh Hoagland

      Disinfecting should not affect arc rating at all if the 1% bleach solution or an alcohol based disinfecting spray is used. We just wanted to point out that the alcohol has to be allowed to air dry or it WILL affect burn levels. I don’t think the Lysol will have a long term effect but it could be studied. Bleach is known to have a long term effect but a spray application would only affect after many applications and washings. Our research on improper washing took almost 50 washes with bleach on cotton/nylon. If the suit is an aramid, it would likely have NO effect. My only concern is to assure you get a good wetting of ALL surfaces that are or could be touched by the next worker and allow to dry. While it’s better not to share, this is a short term solution for this crisis that, at the least, lessens the risk of transmission.

      1. Robert LeRoy

        Thank you

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