Your Link to the IEEE-IAS Resource Center

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Your Link to the IEEE-IAS Resource Center

Are you aware of the IEEE-IAS Resource Center?

This online resource is your access to webinars given that you may not have been able to attend.

This is also your access to many excellent papers that have been presented at past IEEE Electrical Safety Workshops.

Take, for instance, a highly rated paper presented at the 2017 Electrical Safety Workshop: Electrical Safety Integration into New Production Facility Planning, by Mark Scarborough.

This paper was presented in a live event this past week. If you missed it, this webinar is available (for $15) in the archives of the IEEE-IAS Resource Center.

Abstract of Electrical Safety Integration into New Production Facility Planning:

This paper was presented in Reno, NV at the 2017 IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop. The paper describes the basic elements of a company’s generic, region-based electrical safety program and a new facility’s experience in implementing the program during the initial system turnover and energization phases of the project. Background on the site’s safety-by-design considerations, arc flash hazard assessment, and organizational makeup provides insight on how the facility managed to tailor the ‘generic’ program to their site needs and train the organization. Specific examples highlight the need to thoroughly commission electrical equipment and systems after construction turnover while balancing leadership pressures regarding cost and schedule. The challenges of energizing equipment during ongoing construction, equipment failure, and management of contract workers performing equipment commissioning are discussed.

Access the Resource Center

If you haven’t looked already, visit this website to view their library of topics.

Hugh Hoagland

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