What Can I Use to Clean Insulated Tools?

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What Can I Use to Clean Insulated Tools?

Q: I have two questions about how to clean insulated tools.

When we need to clean our insulated tools, what kind of cleaner or brand is acceptable?

There’s this thing called Plasti Dip to put a rubber coating on your tools. Is that safe enough to use rather than purchasing insulated tools?

A: To clean insulated tools, using a soft dry cloth is best.

As long as you avoid using any detergents (soaps), you should be fine. Cleaning agents are also fine on metallic parts. Don’t use cleaning agents on the insulated part of the tool, as the agent may be abrasive to the insulation.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning insulated tools.

Plasti Dip is not a substitute for insulated tools meeting ASTM F1505.

Plasti Dip does not claim to meet ASTM F1505.  In the past, some shrink-wrapped products did claim to meet the standard. But products claiming compliance by the manufacturer have to be tested by the test method recommended.

The standard does not recognize customer coatings because of the potential of error in the coating process.  Each tool type lot must be tested to pass and be certified by the manufacturer.  End users can’t do this.

Insulated tools need to meet the IEC 60900 or ASTM F1505 standards.  Just look for the proper marking on the tool to ensure which standard the tool meets.

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