Plugged Into Safety Episode 10: Normal Operating Condition

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Plugged Into Safety Episode 10: Normal Operating Condition

What is a Normal Operating Condition?

Join Brian, Derek, and guest speaker Al Havens as they discuss how to answer that very question! Al Havens has been an electrical safety consultant for e-Hazard for fourteen years. 

Al’s wealth of knowledge of electrical safety comes from his years in the U.S. Navy and in various professional positions at U.S. Gypsum, where he taught over six hundred employees electrical safety standards from NFPA 70E®.

Al recently wrote a paper and presented at the IEEE IAS ESW (Electrical Safety Workshop) in March of 2022 titled, “What is a Normal Operating Condition?” Tune in to this podcast as Al discusses at length what we all need to be doing in our facilities to ensure our electrical equipment is being maintained properly. This is a common concern within facilities, and we discuss the best methods to make sure this is never overlooked. 

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Al has contributed to our blog as well. Be sure to read his articles:

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