New e-Hazard Class: Electrical Vehicle (EV) Electrical Safety

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New e-Hazard Class: Electrical Vehicle (EV) Electrical Safety

This new e-Hazard class is now on our training schedule! 

EV Electrical Safety is a 12-hour class that focuses on training electricians, mechanics and diesel mechanics transferring to EV technology. Our class covers the most up-to-date safety information available as pertains to direct current (DC) voltage and on-board-generated AC-power from inverters.

A hands-on demonstration of skills portion rounds out this class. Because the hands-on demonstration is a key componenet of the course, EV Electrical Safety is offered only as an on-site class and will not be offered online.

The hands-on portion will include, but not be limited to, meter usage, PPE selection, electrical safety boundary set-up, and basic troubleshooting.

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