Electric Safety Video by American Electric Power

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Electric Safety Video by American Electric Power

Why We Like These Electrical Safety Videos

Safety videos connect people to life situations. They provide practical help for preventing injury or for being proactive when faced with a situation where someone is injured.

This is especially true when it comes to electrical safety. Electricity does not always give someone a second chance to do the right thing once something has gone wrong. “Prevention is better than cure” – which is why education is so important. 

Know What To Do

Here is American Electric Power’s safety video on staying safe when wires are at an accident scene. It is straightforward and clear in its instruction and is less than two minutes long.

More Videos

A few years ago, we shared an electrical safety video by Puget Sound Energy called This Might Shock You. This video shows an excellent dramatization of someone getting in a minor car accident and knocking a power line down onto his car. The dramatization shows the right way to exit the vehicle and what can happen if it’s done the wrong way.

Check out our blog Touch and Step Potential: What to Do Around a Downed Power Line to see Puget Sound’s safety video.

Videos are a popular tool instructors use to supplement training. You may also want to look through e-Hazard’s library of video resources to help you train your employees. 



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