e-Hazard Making a Presence at Grainger and NAES Shows

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e-Hazard Making a Presence at Grainger and NAES Shows

e-Hazard Will Be at Several Upcoming Shows

e-Hazard trainers started 2023 with a bang  traveling for classes around the U.S. 

In addition, we’ve committed to attending several shows in the coming months. 

ESW, IEEE’s annual Electrical Safety Workshop, is a conference e-Hazard resolutely commits to every year. We’ve already posted a couple of blogs with some information; be on the lookout for one more blog in a few weeks that will focus on our instructors who will be speaking! This conference will take place in March.

In February, e-Hazard will have a booth at a Grainger sales meeting show. Brian McCauley will be there to answer questions and explain how e-Hazard can help them.

If you have any questions about any of our classes and engineering services, you can contact Brian at sales@e-hazard.com.

e-Hazard will also be at NAES safety show in February. Electrical safety consultant Derek Vigstol has been asked to speak on lessons learned. 

These opportunities to spread our message of the importance of electrical safety in the workplace are just a part of what e-Hazard does. Joined with our electrical safety training classes and arc flash engineering services, e-Hazard is better able to reach a larger audience to educate workers, management personnel, and sales people on the latest standards and best practices the electrical industry has to offer.

Our company mission is to make sure workers get home safely at the end of the work day. Electrical workers need to know the minimum standards and, more importantly, best practices when working on or around electrical equipment. e-Hazard electrical safety consultants do not train workers merely to “check off a box” on a client’s to-do list. They strive to provide knowledge and willingly share their personal experiences from the work field in order to empower each worker to take that knowledge and apply it in the real world. 

Let us know how we can help you!


The e-Hazard team is dedicated to ensuring people who work with electricity can go home safely to their families.. Read more about e-Hazard.

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